Red Wolves Assistant Kevin Sawchak Was Forced Into Head Coaching Role For Match Against Omaha

East Ridge, TN-(WDEF) Two weeks ago in the Chattanooga Red Wolves match against Greenville, head coach Jimmy Obleda was ejected after getting a red card.
That meant Obleda had to sit out the Red Wolves next match, which happened to be on the road against the top team in the league in Omaha.
Welcome to the big time assistant Kevin Sawchak, who had to fill in as the Red Wolves head coach.

Said Obleda:”All the greats have been kicked out at some point. I don’t consider myself great. I’ll put myself on the list of those that have been kicked out. I’ve been ejected.”
So did Obleda have any good advice for his assistant before Chattanooga faced Omaha?
Said Sawchak:”He just told me good luck. He told me good luck. He told me the guys were prepared. He told me to trust myself and trust the decisions I was going to make.”
But Obleda admits he wasn’t prepared for having to watch his team play, while he was in a hotel room.
Said Obleda:”Oh it was probably the hardest things I’ve had to do. One of the hardest things I’ve had to do in my life. I was like a parent sending my kids off to school. In the lobby, they could hear me yelling, and they kept on telling me hey, you can’t yell. Please keep it quiet. I was like give me 45 more minutes. Ten more minutes. Five more minutes.”
Reporter:”Do you recall yelling a little bit?”
Said Sawchak:”Ah yeah. You probably heard me on the broadcast. I don’t think I shut up. My throat is still sore from that.”
The yelling must have paid off as Chattanooga scored late to secure a 1-1 tie.
Said Obleda:”So to get that result there. That was the first point they have given up at home. Then I was the first one waiting for them with a big hug and kiss when the game was over. Every single one of them. I think I even gave our trainer a big hug and kiss you know what I mean.”
Said Sawchak:”It was good experience. I think to have his perspective on the sideline as well. I have a little bit more appreciation for what he goes through every match and the decisions he has to make. I had to dress a little differently for the game. I had to dress up. They’re used to me in sweats. Jimmy has got a little more style than me. I just kind of went pretty basic. Black jeans and a black polo. I kept it pretty simple.”
Said Obleda:”I couldn’t be happier with what he has done. The coach that he is. I’ll be honest. I tell him all the time we are very lucky to have him on staff. He’s such a tremendous asset to everything that we do. He compliments me well. I’m yin, and he’s yang.”

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