Renovating the historic Tipton-Fillauer house in Cleveland

CLEVELAND, Tennessee (WDEF) – One of the most historic homes in our area is getting a renovation.

And the state of Tennessee is helping with the project.

It’s all part of “grant money.” In hopes of preserving historic sites.

News 12’s Dave Staley tells us about it, in tonight’s installment of More To The Story.

It sits in downtown Cleveland. On Broad Street. The Tipton-Fillauer house. One of five projects in our area receiving grant money from the state. Two are in Cleveland.
One is this old hosiery mill on Edwards Street. The Tipton-Fillauer house is the other. Grant money awarded this year to preserve, protect and renovate old buildings and homes.

“The house was placed on the national historic registry back in 1980. It was built in 1890. It was built by William Tipton. He was the founder of a newspaper in Cleveland. But of course back then, it didn’t have the amenities we’re so used to now.”

The present owners, Ben and Chris Berry, have a lot of updating on their plate. Remember, back then, there were no closets in the bedrooms. No insulation in the walls. A fireplace in every room. And no indoor plumbing.
But the Berry’s say they’re excited to move ahead with the renovation. As for the grant money….a little over 62-thousand dollars…….it’s a perfect fit!

“Everything they wanted to accomplish with the grant, this project met. This property meets every definition of an historic property. When we realized what the grant’s purpose was, we thought we had a good chance, because everything they were trying to accomplish, WE were trying to accomplish.”

The Berry’s, who are from Cleveland, bought the home this past spring. They were looking for more office space downtown, as the two own a civil engineering firm.
Chris says when the renovations are complete, there’ll be an open house. So people can see….what they see!!!

“It’s a neat home. The craftsmanship from the original house from 1890 is unbelievable. We’re just trying to repair things and bring it up to standards which can be used for decades to come in a practical manner.”

The brothers hope to finish renovations by the end of the year. Maybe in time to put……..some Christmas decorations up. It’ll be that kind of celebration.
Dave Staley, News 12 Now

Chris Berry says he knew SOME of the history surrounding the house.

But he learned a lot more when he and his brother actually BOUGHT the old home!!!

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