Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene Talks About School Mask Mandates, Afghanistan and more with News 12

U.S. House Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene was in Catoosa County to help with the flag transport for the upcoming Festival of Flags. During her visit, she spoke with News 12 about a wide range of topics including the infrastructure bill, masking in schools, and the withdrawal from Afghanistan.

“Our military’s been disgraced. We’ve abandoned Americans in Afghanistan, we armed a radical Islamic nation, the Taliban in Afghanistan with 85 billion worth of our military equipment and weapons and then we just lost 13 young soldiers.”

You can watch her full ten minute interview in the embedded video player or read the full transcript below.

Reporter: “Can you tell us a little bit about why it was important for you to be involved with this project.”

Rep. Greene: “Well, I’m just so proud of the people here and their patriotism, and you know, many places across our country just don’t respect our flag anymore and the sacrifices that were made for our country and past wars, and it’s just such a privilege to represent a district that cares so much about the American flag and about the veterans and the people who have sacrificed, you know, risking their lives and losing their lives for our freedoms. And right here in Ringgold and Catoosa County. It’s just amazing and I’m excited to see all the flags up this coming Veterans Day.”

Reporter: “When you think about, you want to ask the next one?”

Kenan Scott: “When you see people with, when you see what’s going on at this event today, what do you hope is the main takeaway?”

Rep. Greene: “Well, I think the main takeaway is how a small group of people can make such a big impact. And this is a great group of people that have been working together for years, making sure that they have as many American flags, as they need on hand, replacing them when they need to retire. Doing great little things like this, that they can hand out showing that these flags were flown over the city of Ringgold, representing all the veterans and just representing all these lives and making processes. They build these crosses with the names of veterans from wars from the past. And so I just think it shows what a small group of people can do to inspire everyone that lives in the area and drives through.”

Reporter: “What impact do you think that your being here and kind of raise awareness of what you’re doing with these flags and will have for veterans? I know that for a lot of people here, they’re very excited about you. Do you know what you were hoping to do by coming, just to sort of tell them that you also are supportive of what?”

Rep. Greene: “Oh yes. I support our veterans immensely and we just, they’re there so upset and there’s gonna be some real fall out from Afghanistan. Our military has been disgraced. We’ve abandoned Americans in Afghanistan. We armed a radical Islamic nation. The Taliban in Afghanistan with $85 billion worth of our military equipment and weapons and then we just lost 13, young soldiers there and they shouldn’t have died.

And so I think we need to do everything we can right now to make sure that our veterans know how much we love them, our military servicemen and women understand that we really appreciate them and it’s projects like this, that people here in Ringgold work so hard on. These are the projects that help them feel special and they should feel special.

They’re the greatest among us in our nation that are willing to, you know, join the service and risk their lives for our freedoms. And so I’m happy to be here to make sure everyone knows about it.”

Kenan Scott: “I’m sure as you know, there’s a lot of infighting with Democrats right now for the reconciliation bills, passing through Congress. Any comments on that?”

Rep. Greene: “I’ll tell you my stance. as Republicans our GOP Congress needs to hold together and vote no on the infrastructure bill. It’s absolutely absurd to think any Republican would vote for that, and I think that Democrats should be having a problem, getting these things, passed. Trillions of dollars in spending an infrastructure bill, that’s less than 10% of actual infrastructure. And mostly socialist programs. Socialist programs are not what we need to be doing in this country. We need to be securing our border and stopping the flow of illegals that are coming in every single day. There’s a caravan of about 400,000 coming up right now and this is dangerous for our entire country.

I don’t think it should be a Democrat or Republican issue. I think this is an American issue and I think I would like to see Congress nited on that big problem we have and I would like to see Congress working on solutions that help all Americans and not socialist programs that pay people to stay home, when we have private businesses all over the country that are having a hard time, just hiring people to come back to work. And so I’d like to see a greater effort and Congress to always put America first and not the rest of the world.

So I’m hoping to see. I hope they have a hard time. I hope they struggle, I don’t want to see those bills passed.”

Reporter: “Could you talk a little bit about the kind of job situation and economics right now with how businesses are looking. A lot of that is down to like covid and different things that have happened the last couple years.

When you look locally at ways to address that, is there anything that you want people to be more aware of that maybe they’re not taking advantage of if they are struggling right now. Anything like that?”

Rep. Greene: “Well it’s difficult, you know. There was a lot of unemployment paid out by the federal government and the state government.

A lot of that money has not even been paid out. It’s still sitting there but it’s created so many problems. Businesses are trying to, you know, they’re open and they’re trying to stay open. Unfortunately a lot of small businesses closed over this past year and it was because they were having to compete with the federal government for workers.

We need people to just go back to work. We’re gonna, our country will survive, all of this, if everyone is willing to, let’s go back to work, let’s not depend on the government in the long term. That’s not gonna help anyone and it won’t, they’ll be the ones that are hurt the worst in the end. You know, working, being a productive part of your community is really the way to happiness for everyone.

We need to take care of our kids right now though. They have been the worst victims of covid-19 in so many ways. Their lives have been cancelled. Lives have been changed, especially for college students and high school students. And now with masking children, I think that’s horrible. I’m completely opposed to masking children.

I think with the vaccines, it needs to be a choice, there’s vaccines available everywhere. Let people get them if they want the vaccine, but we need to stop these mandates because people are getting fired. They’re losing their jobs and right now we need nurses. We need truck drivers. We need people to be able to go to work and if they want to trust their immune system, then that’s their freedom to do it. Government interference is not helping anyone right now.”

Kenan Scott: “There’s a couple, there’s a few businesses now that are requiring vaccines in order to to work at the company, you know, President Biden had that mandate basically, that would say, if you’re a company with over 100 employees, you would need to have the vaccine or, you know, a negative test in order to be employed there. Any thoughts on this?”

Rep. Greene: “I think that’s government intervention and private companies and I think it’s completely wrong. OSHA does not have a rule in existence to enforce that mandate coming from President Biden. President Biden is not a dictator. He is a president and we have three branches of government for a reason and that’s to make sure that we have good laws on the books for the American people.

So this is, I call it corporate communism. This is where we’re seeing Communist type tactics push through the corporations. So when President Biden is mandating vaccines and telling companies we will fine you these harsh and heavy fines. If you’re not requiring your employees to be vaccinated. That’s the type of government tactics that America should not see. Those are the things we see in countries like China and dictators of the past. So I think it’s wrong but I think employers need to know what is actually a law and what is in place and OSHA at this time, does not have rules and ways to enforce those fines on private companies.”

Reporter: “One last question and it is covid related but then we’ll get back to veterans and I’ll stop. I know we all have kind of fatigue. So talking about, you know, vaccines and everyone’s right to kind of choose what they want for their healthcare. Some people have turned to alternatives outside of vaccines, things like monoclonal antibodies or other Ivermectum, those sort of things and do you encourage people to speak to their practitioners, if they want to look out for that, or what’s sort of your stance on those?”

Rep. Greene: “Absolutely. I’ll be very honest with you, I think it’s criminal. Any doctor or government elected official, or any group of people to block those kinds of treatments. There’s studies, we were just briefed on a lot of these studies on Ivermectin. Last week in Washington studies from all over the world, showing how effective Ivermectum is. Also the monoclonial antibodies, those treatments really work.

So the reason why I say it’s criminal, is it’s criminal to force a vaccine but yet tell people that you, and tell doctors that they shouldn’t be prescribing these other medications that are life-saving. Ivermectum has been around for decades. It’s proven to be safe and effective.

It even won a Nobel Peace Prize. So for the Biden administration or any group of doctors, the CDC, Doctor Fauci to discourage, the use of Ivermectum against covid-19, I think it’s criminal, and I think they have blood on their hands because the studies are showing that those medications save lives. And so, if they care about saving lives, they should make any type of treatment available to people. And not just limit it, enforce it to say, you know what, the only thing you get is a vaccine because these certain companies are the ones making the profit. And that is something that I’m very opposed to that type of decision making. Because I think we do care about saving lives.

We are all upset about covid-19 that sent was sent to us from China, from a lab in China, that we know a lot about, and I don’t know why Dr. Fauci, the man that was involved in funding the research and what, and the gain of function, what led to covid-19.

I don’t know why that man is calling the shots on how we’re handling, this virus or bioweapon. And how America is reeling from it. I think we need to do better. I want to fire Dr. Fauci. I’ve introduced legislation to do so. I’ve got 16, co-sponsors for that.

And I think we need to do everything we can to save people’s lives. That includes all types of medications that we know are safe and effective. Ivermectum, monoclonial antibodies. My own family had covid and I believe that stuff saved their life and it wasn’t a vaccine that saved their life, it was Ivermectum and monoclonial antibodies.

So I think we need to do better. And the Biden administration is failing America in that area.”

Reporter: “That’s all the questions. I think.”

Rep. Green: “Thanks for coming out.”

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