Ringgold Baseball Hopes Superstitions Lead to More Success

Ringgold, GA-(WDEF-TV) It’s been said that good teams make their own luck.
Well Ringgold is certainly a good baseball team. After all, they’re playing for a state title Friday.
And it seems the Tigers are making their own luck with multiple superstitions.
As Brian Armstrong reports, some of the Ringgold’s supersititions are starting to smell.

Ringgold baseball is just one series win away from a state title.

Said senior Sam Crew: “Just a special season, special team,everyone’s doing their job great.It’s just worked out perfectly.The work ethic this team has is incredible.I mean, Coach Lancaster put us through a lot this summer and just brought us closer as a team.”

Ringgold got to this point through hard work, skill, and maybe even some superstition.

Just ask Ace pitcher Ross Norman

Said Ross: “Just got to sit in the same spot, put everything together at the same time.Like step out the shower with my left foot.Different time.It’s ridiculous. Everything adds more and more every day.

And don’t even get him started about not washing his game socks. Gotta be honest.I haven’t wash them all year. They’re a little crunchy.Got to walk them out every every day.It’s a little nasty, but it is what it is.I’ve been doing that for a long time though.

Said pitcher Sebastian Haggard:”The socks, god, the socks are so bad.Walkers next to them.So it makes it ten times worse for me.But it’s working, keep working.I guess.”

Said Crew:”I’m superstitious a little bit myself.Not nearly as much.I mean, I just drink the same energy drinks every game, stuff like that.But nothing that does look nothing like those socks.But it’s working for him.

Said head coach Walker: Had two of the best outings that we’ve seen in playoff history there. I think he’s in 14 innings, he’s got one hit, that was a bunt single, he’s got 23KS and that was Elite Eight and Final Four.”

And superstitions are a part of baseball.

Said Walker: I’m worse than him.I have my niches too, so I’m pretty bad.I stand in the same place and do different things on game day and wear the same things.

So I love it. It’s a baseball thing and we embrace it.”

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