River City Company Has Big Plans

Chattanooga’s Riverfront District will have a new look in the coming years.

That’s the plan of the River City Company, which is a non-profit organization established back in the mid-80’s, with a goal of beautifying the “Scenic City.”

Emily Mack is the President and CEO of the River City Company. Mack and the company laid out its new project this week.

It’s called “One Riverfront Chattanooga.”

The goal is to re-position, re-image and re-activate the Riverfront District.

Why do that? Because focus groups say it’s what needs to be done!

“We made transformational strides to our riverfront area over the course of three decades,” says Mack.

“However, our residents now say it’s time for the next phase. It’s time to evolve. Not just for today and tomorrow, but for those who come after us.”

The planning portion of the project started in January of last year. Those focus groups indicated they want more things to do. More places to go.

The plan involves eight strategies. Ranging from creating a “campus-like” atmosphere, to “getting your feet wet.” Pretty self-explanatory.

The planning part is done. Now comes implicating. And that’s where money comes into play. And that’s always the tricky part.

Mack says “we do not have financing determined at this point. It’s too early. But now, what we have are concepts and renderings and graphics.

Those will all illustrate what our community wants to see on the river.”

Mack says the project is now heading into the design phase. And THAT will determine the overall cost.

She says some parts of the project, which will be done in phases, have already started.

The long range goal is to complete all the work in seven to nine years.


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