Riverbend Park: Whitfield County’s Newest Park Will Further Solidify Dalton as the Soccer Capital

A new park decades in the making is finally opened to the public

Decades ago a promise of a new park was made to the city of of Dalton. Now, that promise has been fulfilled.The new Whitfield County park “Riverbend” is complete with a community center, basketball courts, volleyball nets and softball fields.

However, what Whitfield County Commissioner Jevin Jensen believes will get the most traction is the FIFA standard field. “Yeah, I don’t know, I guess in the last few years has really become the soccer City USA. And so we’re proud of that to a new title,” Jensen said. “We’ve always been known for our flooring, but now we’re known for our soccer teams. And it’s been a slow climb as we’ve just started winning more and more championships.”

The President of the Coalition of Latinos of Whitfield county said that in an city where 53% of the population is Hispanic, she is thankful to have local leaders support something as culturally significant as soccer is. “We are 53% of the population in the city of Dalton, and about 34% in Whitfield County. And we are mainly from Mexico, 88% of the Latinos here in the area are from Mexico. And Soccer is the main sports play in that country,” Gruner said. “Also, because many community leaders started asking for more soccer fields from many years ago, and finally, the current local authorities were able to listen, to hear the details to see that many teams were winning championships from different schools. They saw the need not just for Latinos for bad for the whole community.”

To see the latest list of events coming to Riverbend Park you can go to www.visitdaltonga.com.

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