Robot Handwritten Greeting Cards

Chattanooga, TN (WDEF) – Robots are giving people the ability to send a handwritten holiday card, personalized in your handwriting, without you actually needing to write it. Holiday cards are a tradition for many families and businesses.

“This year with Covid in particular sending a holiday card that has actual ink on it really makes a tremendous impact. They’re having their customers write them and call them saying they broke down in tears because when they received the note they’ve been so alone and so isolated over the past year, year and a half, receiving a handwritten note meant all the more,” said CEO of Handwrytten David Wachs.

However, the United States Postal Service, FedEx, and UPS have announced holiday shipping deadlines and delays are already expected.

“The supply chain what it is and the, still we’re stuck in the Covid environment, and then when you add that what’s going on with the USPS and their delays with delivery, we’re in a challenging environment for sending out Christmas and holiday cards as gifts. This year we’re recommending giving a few extra days’ notice,” said Wachs.

A new robot machine can pick up the pen and write holiday letters for you, in real ink.

“Every line is kind of had a different spacing on the line before it and then the left margin jitters back-and-forth we are still very characters individually so if you have two owes together or two Ts whatever it might be you might only have one crossbar over the T or the two Os look different to create a truly authentic experience,” said Wachs.

You can also have it done in your own handwriting.

“So you have the option of re-creating your own handwriting. We’ve got about 200 customers that have opted for their own handwriting to be written out,” said Wachs.

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