Roddy Green Ready For CFC Debut After Coming Over From Rival Detroit City

Chattanooga-(WDEF-TV) The CFC kick off their season Saturday by hosting Maryland.
Prepare to see a lot of new faces in blue — like Roddy Green, who comes over from an old CFC rival.
New’s 12’s Angela Moryan picks up the story.

Said Green: “It’s kind of funny because I’ve played here lots of times. My first time coming here I think I was 19…. As soon as I was here, I knew that I would be here somehow.”

From rival to teammate — former Detroit City forward Roddy Green has come south to be a part of a new era for the Chattanooga Football Club.

Said Green: “Being from Detroit City which is such a big team, I knew if I was going to leave there it’d have to be for some place similar, and Chattanooga was the place.”

After playing five years with Detroit, Green is very familiar with playing in the Scenic City. He’s even scored here before. That didn’t really go over well with the Chattahooligans back then.

Said Green: “I think I score here one time. I think preseason, we won 2-1. I think they were giving me a hard time when I was celebrating in front of them. I hope they’re a bit more welcoming now. I’ll make it up to them for sure.”

Said teammate Taylor Gray: “He’s a guy who knows how to win, and he enjoys it. He’s always looking out for the guys and always thinking about what we can do to be better. Sometimes he gets nervous because he’s just so excited to start the season and get ready. As his teammate, that’s exciting for me to have somebody who’s been there done that, but also have somebody who believes in me just as much as he believes in himself.”

Said head coach Rod Underwood: “He brings some energy. He brings some excitement. He wants to be dynamic with the ball so we really are trying to make sure that comes out because it’s really important for players that they show their personalities and they show their imagination and they show the things that got them to this point.”

Green is ready to wear blue.

Said Green: “It seems like every time they win here it’s a party in the stadium. Obviously, this big stadium is something you want to play in front of so yeah, I’m really excited.”

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