Roller skating resurgence

CHATTANOOGA, Tennessee (WDEF)- Roller skating has seen a huge resurgence since the start of the pandemic and I just put on roller skates for the first time since I was about eight years old and I wasn’t very good at skating back then.

“I think it’s because it’s an outdoor activity that you can do socially distance but it is still really exciting. So you put skates on your feet, feel a little bit freer you got the wind in your hair,” said  Aubrey Henrikson.

Strickland started skating recently and said he loves the challenge and the community.

“I like that roller skating is a lot of practice, makes you better at it. So when I come out here instead of feeling like I’m lesser than others that are roller skating and if I put enough time into it I’ll be just like them. It’s cool to see tricks and stuff and be like I don’t think I can do that yet but I’ll be able to do that one day,” said Strickland.

He said skating is freeing and very accepting of different cultures

“It’s amazing to see that finally, we have a solution to the lack of staff that is for black and LGBT in downtown Chattanooga. This is amazing, Moonlight roller skating has grown so much because I felt like they have brought the niche communities together,” said Strickland.

Henrikson said the skating community has exploded in Chattanooga and it’s events like Moonlight roller late skate that shows that off.

“A lot of new roller skating companies popping up, one of which is located right here in Chattanooga Tennessee called Moonlight roller and they had the moonlight mobile. Which is a Mobile skate truck. So it really made it possible for us to have skate rentals and have people be able to come out maybe haven’t roller skated before Mix with people who really love roller skating,” said Henrikson.

This isn’t the only big event coming up in the skating community; a jump ramp into the river will be happening.

“Skaters, BMX, and inline skaters can all coast down Ross’ landing, launch down the ramp and the Tennessee RiverHenrikson.

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