Rossville Police Captain Encourages Sexual Assault Victims to Come Forward

ROSSVILLE, Ga. (WDEF)- The Rossville Police Department is continuing their investigation into a local softball coach that is accused of sexual misconduct with minors.

Last week, James R. Hughes, also known as Pete Hughes, was arrested by the Rossville Police Department and charged with Sexual Battery and False Imprisonment. According to Rossville Police Detective Captain David Scroggins, he began investigating the case when two teenage girls came forward to report that they were sexually assaulted by Hughes. Capt. Scroggins mentioned that, “These incidents occurred after batting practices.”

Capt. Scroggins says that he was a coach at various schools and organizations in the Chattanooga area. Some of the places he listed include Ridgeland and Baylor Schools, the Fort Oglethorpe and Rossville Rec Centers, and the Fury Platinum Softball Team.

Due to the ongoing investigation, Capt. Scroggins was unable to share specific details on where incidents occurred, but alluded to a growing web of potential cases.

Capt. Scroggins said that, “Several additional victims of Mr. Hughes, they’ve also come forward and these victims cover a fairly broad span of time.”

He later mentioned some of those incidents go back over a decade. He says that thanks to the bravery of the initial reporting victims, they can help provide closure for those suffering from the trauma of sexual assault.

He added, “I’m really proud of the two little girls who came forward first, they were super. I want to tell every victim out there, you’ve got to get this off your chest. I want to tell every victim out there, you’ve got to get this off your chest. You’ve got to report. It will make your situation better. Equally important, it may prevent what’s happened to you, from happening to somebody else.”

Capt. Scroggins says he is still conducting interviews on this case. If you or a loved one were a victim, contact the Rossville Police Department at (706) 866-1228. There are also other organizations in Northwest Georgia such as the Sexual Assault Victim’s Advocacy Center that can provide assistance in these situations.


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