RV Owners Face Steep Diesel Prices, Dealers Expect Business to Improve Soon

TRENTON, Ga. — With the weather warming up and COVID cases going down, some people are hitting the road in RV’s.

But gas prices remain high.

“It’s made the trip a lot more expensive. On the average, I would say, from when we started to now, they’re up a buck and a half,” said John Hague, an RV owner from California.

Many RV’s require diesel fuel, and some RV owners have found prices to be highest at highway truck stops.

“They are generally thirty, forty, fifty cents higher than you can find on the city street,” Hague added.

But finding a gas station where their RV will fit can be an issue.

Despite rising gas prices, KOA campground in Trenton is still seeing heavy RV traffic, just from closer to home.

“Three weeks ago, even when gas prices were going up, we had more of a local crowd coming in, people from, I would say, less than 100 miles away,” said Lynn Staff of KOA campground.

Some local RV sales have seen a decline in business.

Here at Dunlap Family RV in Ringgold, there has been a lull in sales, but there’s been no shortage of qualified buyers.

“The traffic’s been a little bit slower, but we have had more qualified customers some in, so if they are coming in they’re usually a buyer,” said Troy Hooper, General Manager of Dunlap Family RV.

One RV old me that they used to stop at the first gas station where their RV would fit, but now they’re paying a little more attention to the price on the sign.

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