How to save money on your energy bill during the summer heat

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn (WDEF) – With the Summer Sun beating down on Chattanooga, boy has it been hot.

Even though you may want to run inside and crank up that AC, Experts say DON’T. 

“Starting Wednesday temperatures and heat indices are going to continue to rise. It can feel like 103 degrees tomorrow but by Friday it could feel like 105. Please remember to practice heat safety and stay hydrated,” says Meteorologist, Danielle Moss. 

 EPB and the Tennessee Valley Authority encourage residents to check their homes for energy efficiency and  follow these tips to beat the heat. 

 “If you can just close the curtain, turn the blinds, cook outside, and change your air filters – simple things like that can help take several dollars off your energy bill every month,” says Malinda Hunter, TVA spokesperson. 

EPB energy pros say if you raise your thermostat by just a few degrees and use fans to help circulate the air within your home, you will STILL feel comfortable.

“If you will set your thermostat at 72 degrees and if you are very comfortable in your house then move it to 73. If you are still comfortable, go to 74. Find your level of comfort. When you find that level of comfort, then you will save aout 3% of usage per time you jump it up. If you go from 72 to 73 that’s about 3% off your bill,” says Wayne Cagle, EPB Energy Pro. 

TVA says  for the first time since 2012  they expect to hit 30,000 megawatts by Thursday of this week. That’s enough to power New York City for 3 days! 

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