School Director talks about the anonymous letter that started the Melissa Blair case

She has been charged with multiple sex crimes for her relationships with 18 teenage boys at McMinn Central High

ATHENS, Tennessee (WDEF) – Now that Melissa Blair has been charged with even more victims in a high school sex scandal, the school system is talking about how it came to the light of day.

Lee Parkison is the Director of Schools in McMinn County. It was in early December when he first learned of the alleged sex acts with teens at McMinn Central High School…but it wasn’t from the district’s social media monitors.

“We never knew anything about this. This, again, came from an anonymous letter to me, and it was specific. A lot of times, I get specific letters like this, but it was specific with names and phone numbers and things of that nature that typically you don’t get. So, again, I immediately got the sheriff’s department involved and DCS involved.”

Parkison says what was detailed in the letter was horrific.

“The accusations in the letter were shocking. With the information that was there, it seemed to be real. It wasn’t hearsay or those kinds of things. You know…when you can get that kind of detailed information, you take them a little more serious. Of course, we always check them, even the ones that don’t appear to be (serious), because you never know.”

After 18 alleged victims, and close to 45 charges including aggravated statutory rape, Parkison believes the end of the investigation is near.

“I’m just glad it’s over. I’m glad it stopped. She is now, as I understand it, incarcerated. I do not know anything about release or anything of that nature, as far as bond and so forth. I’m just glad that it was brought forward so we could stop other kids from being harmed.”

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