After School Program About To Start


Dating back to 2011, one of Chattanooga’s more successful “after school programs” is run by the NET Foundation.

That’s a local non-profit built to help our kids.

And that “after school program” is about to start up again.

It’s the NET Resource Foundation.  It’s mission is mentor-ship, along with community building programs.

Targeting the South Chattanooga community, especially with its after school program.

The after school program started several years ago. It operates out of the Westside Baptist Church.

Executive Director Raquetta Dotley says the goal is simple: teach the kids something new.

Tutoring the kids in little classrooms is a part of the program.

But more than that, the program highlights what the kids will actually NEED as they grow older.

“We wanted to make sure the kids had something to do after school. Something in a structured format.”

The organization partners with a lot of different groups, for example, Reflection Riding.

Teaching kids some of the basic life skills too. Such as riding a bus.

“We want the kids, and some of our volunteers, to learn how to ride a CARTA bus. That can be more efficient than driving your own automobile!”

Since its inception, the after school program has helped over 200 students.

The program cranks up again on September 13th.

As always, providing a safe place for the younger generation.

The “after school program” is free for all students from kindergarten through fifth grade.

The program runs from 3:30 in the afternoon to six o’clock.

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