Search Still on for Rossville Murder Suspect

Darius Woods

26 year old Darius Woods, a suspect in the murder of Dakota Bradshaw in Rossville on August 1. (Courtesy: Walker County Sheriff’s Office)

ROSSVILLE, Ga. (WDEF)- On August 1, Dakota Bradshaw was murdered at his home on East Peachtree Street in Rossville. Three suspects are already in custody, but one is still one on the loose.

That suspect is 26 year old Darius Devon Woods of Chattanooga. He is a known gang member with a lengthy trail of crime, including a murder he is a suspect for in Clarksville, Tennessee.

The Walker County Sheriff’s Office and G-B-I came together this morning to ask the public for help in their search for Woods.

Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) Special Agent Joe Montgomery said that in their investigation that,”When we started investigating this and he became a suspect in this murder, then that’s when we got with the Clarksville PD and realized they had an active murder warrant as well (for Woods).”

He has connections to Atlanta, Huntsville, and Minor Hill, Tennessee as his family is based in the Brainerd area. The officials at this press conference stressed that Woods is an armed and very dangerous individual.

Special Agent Montgomery said that, “We have witnesses who have seen him with a long gun, with a pistol, so he is always armed. Our fear is that he may harm someone else, he’s been involved in two murders, so that’s a very strong possibility.”

GBI Agent Daniel Nicholson added that, “If he’s seen by any members of the public, please do not approach him. Immediately call your local, state law enforcement or your local 911 center. Do not try to approach him or conversate with him.”

There is a reward for any tips that led to the capture of Darius Woods. Walker County Sheriff Steve Wilson said that, “We’ll give $500, at least to start out with, for information that leads to his apprehension.”

Kavion Collier, Eric Dodds, and 18 year old Dajah Collins are already in custody in connection with this murder. Authorities say they are alleged to have been attempting to retrieve a blue dodge challenger that was on Bradshaw’s property. The vehicle was registered to Collier. 

Officials also said there may be others involved on the periphery of this murder, but these four suspects are the only ones they believe were there when the murder took place in August. They also said more information is to come as more court dates occur over the next few months.


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