Sheriff says immigrants bound for D.C. are getting dropped off here

(NOTE: This story has been changed to remove the term “illegal” immigrants.  There is no evidence at this point that the people involved crossed the boarder illegally or are undocumented.  They are seeking asylum in the United States. They were not under guard when Texas officials sent them north.)

RISING FAWN, Georgia (WDEF) – You’ve seen the national reports of how the Texas governor is bussing immigrants from the border to New York and Washington D.C.

Today, one of those buses made a stop in our area.

The Sheriff in Dade County, Georgia got a call that tour buses were dropping off migrants at the Pilot in rising Fawn.

He went to the truck stop and found a tour bus dropping off people.

The driver said they were en route to Washington, but this was a regular stop along the way.

The driver said several of the immigrants had decided to get off here, instead.

Sheriff Cross got the impression that they were being encouraged to exit here, since it was within walking distance of Chattanooga.

He says he got a translator and convinced the passengers as well as the bus staff that everyone should get back on and continue their journey.

He argued that rural areas like Dade County do not have the resources that larger cities have.

Sheriff Cross contacted state legislators and the governor’s office about the incident.

He says Representative Mike Cameron got back with him and told him the Governor’s Office would contact the bus line.

They agreed with the Sheriff that they should not drop off migrants in Dade County.

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from Dade Co. Sheriff’s Office

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