Short Staff and Inflation Hits Local Restaurants

You’ve probably noticed higher prices and fewer servers when you go out to eat.

Staff shortages and inflation are two of the biggest challenges facing the food industry today.

These are problems Larry Torrence of Uncle Larry’s Restaurant is working to solve.

“We had to cut staff prior to COVID” Larry said, “now we trying to come and hire but now what’s going on now is the government is give so much incentives not to work now we can’t find enough people.. We can’t find enough people.”

Restaurants raised their menu prices an average of 8 percent in the last year.
According to the National Restaurant Association, 92 percent of operators say the cost of food is a *big* problem.

A new study finds only 42% of consumers are willing to pay *full* price to dine in at their favorite place. .

“Owners you know alot of people don’t mind paying the need for gas you see the gas when you see gas prices just went up” Larry said, “They’ll pay it that mean it cost us more for delivery alot more for everything and then we go up we potentially lose customers.”

The sudden change has led restaurants to offer discounts to try to keep people coming in.
It all adds up to a tighter profit margin.

And Help is always wanted.

“It’s just crazy our here man i couldn’t imagine now only just us over here Publix” Larry said, “Alot of them people find it hard to find employee and when you find employee I mean it’s crazy. ”

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