Silverdale Takes 30 Win Season to Spring Fling

Chattanooga-(WDEF-TV) Silverdale baseball is heading to Spring Fling for the first time since 2013! News 12’s Angela Moryan talked to the team about their history-making season.

Said pitcher Turner Junkins: “Last year, I felt like it was kind of a surprise to people how good we were last year. This year, it’s the standard.”

A winning standard. The Seahawks keep adding to their more than 30 wins — a first in

program history.

Said short stop Bryson Cline: “We just really want it as a team. I’ve never been around a team that’s wanted it as bad as we have. Other sports I’ve played, we’ve always gone through the season focused, but this team is really dialed in and ready to win this thing.”

Said Junkins: “We don’t have a bunch of kids that we’ve brought in, transferred in. All these kids, we’ve all really grown up together and played a lot of baseball games together, and these past couple years have just been preparation for a year like we have this year.”

Last year’s loss in the first round of the playoffs has propelled Silverdale’s success.

Said head coach Lance Rorex: “They kind of want to keep the group together as long as we can, so the fight and focus is kind of something I haven’t seen before.”

Said Cline: “We had a great run last year. It didn’t end how we wanted it to, so it fueled us for this year.”

Speaking of fuel, the team’s offense has climbed higher than Tennessee gas prices. Seahawks have hit nearly triple the number of home runs from last season.

Said Cline: “It’s definitely kept the energy up. When we play at home, we know we’re going to hit a couple out, so it’s kept us pretty confident.”

30 win seasons and 50 plus homers still aren’t good enough for Coach Rorex.

Said Rorex: “You can ask me today, ‘How are ya?’ And I’m going to tell you we’re not very good. My wife will talk to me daily, she says, ‘Lance, you got to give people credit.’ I said, ‘No, we’re not going to do it. We gotta be better.’ … Three years ago, four years ago, it was kind of, ‘Silverdale, we play for Silverdale.’ Now you say Silverdale, it means a little something and that’s all a testament to what they’re doing and what’s going on in that school building and the community that’s being built, so dad gum, we’re going to have pride in the S.”

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