Smedley loses challenge issued over Hamilton County mayoral election

Votes to certify election results were 35-9 with one abstention

HAMILTON COUNTY, Tenn. (WDEF) — By just 321 votes, former mayoral candidate Sabrena Smedley fell to Weston Wamp on May 3, saying Democrats interfered with massive cross-over voting.

She warned the GOP that failure to act on election integrity could eventually see Tennessee turn blue.

Tonight, they voted 35-to-9 with one abstention in favor of certifying the election results.

Smedley says she’s not a “sore loser” from the election, but is concerned that Republican votes may not have determined the outcome.

She called Wamp the “beneficiary” of mass cross-over voting.

“[The] time is now for our party to protect the voting power of bonafide Republicans and preserve the integrity of our primaries,” Smedley said.

Smedley called for the board to set aside the primary and convene a Republican county caucus so “bonafide Republicans” can determine Hamilton County’s next mayor.

This was met with criticism from many in attendance.

In particular, from the election winner.

“If they really thought something was wrong, I can’t imagine that they would let two weeks of early voting and an entire day of Election Day voting happen with no action at all,” Wamp said. “They conveniently waited until after the election to start throwing as many different things against the wall in an effort to confuse you, confuse the media just to see if anything would stick.”

Wamp said Smedley’s challenge was based on “hypothetical” claims and “speculation” in hopes of being “bailed out” from the loss.

He, in turn, said she has more Democratic backing, saying she has support from the local teacher’s union and Democrat support in the County Commission.

“I believe that it was wrong for my challengers to come to this committee and ask for a certified election to be overturned simply because they didn’t like the results,” Wamp said.

Smedley said whatever the committee’s decision was, she would honor it, but her challenge wasn’t to overturn the results.

It’s to uphold “the integrity of future elections.”

“What I am begging this body to do is to send a clear message,” Smedley said. “This was significant Democrat cross-over. A lot of our data shows up to 30-percent. They hijacked the primary.”

Nobody but God and the voter knows who voted for who was the message one GOP member said in response to Smedley.

After the meeting ended, Wamp released a statement online saying, quote, “we cannot normalize baseless attempts to overturn certified elections.”

Weston will face Democrat Matt Adams in November.

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