So what does North Carolina’s Madison Cawthorn do next?

Controversial Republican loses Congressional Primary

ASHVILLE, North Carolina (WDEF) – Two years ago, he was considered one of the GOP’s rising stars.

Now the question is what will Madison Cauthorn do next?

The 25 year old Congressman represented western North Carolina, including Murphy.

But his fame grew far beyond the rural mountain district through two years of public outrage towards and from national Democrats.

The meteoric rise ended abruptly yesterday when he lost his re-election bid in the 5 man Republican Primary race.

Cawthorn lost by just over 1300 votes, 33% to 31%.

Madison Tweet

So what does he do now?

He isn’t speaking publicly, but a filing today in Washington D.C. could be our first clue.

Business Insider reports he has filed notice that he is shutting down his political action committee, the Making A Difference In Service to Our Nation (or MADISON) leadership PAC.

PAC experts say that is traditionally a sign that he isn’t planning on any other political campaigns in the near future, because he would use the PAC to raise money for it.

While senior party officials were not amused by his claims that Republicans had invited him to orgies at the capitol, they have always valued his appeal with young supporters.

And his national profile and talk show appearances could make him popular on the political lecture circuit.

But that all just speculation until the Gen Z politician talks about his future plans.


Congratulations to @ChuckEdwards4NC
on securing the nomination tonight. It’s time for the NC-11 GOP to rally behind the Republican ticket to defeat the Democrats’ nominee this November.

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