Special Session: Progress on Covid rules & School Board voting bills

Tennessee lawmakers are in a special session to consider the bills

NASHVILLE, Tennessee (WDEF) – Lawmakers in Tennessee’s Special Session are trying to hammer down the 84 bills that have been submitted to just a handful of new laws.

Republican lawmakers called the special session to deal with various Covid issues.

The House today debated a bill from the Speaker that says any governmental agency or a private business could demand to see your vaccination status.

Rep. Jason Zachary of Knoxville pointed out that you don’t have to show you’ve had a flue or polio shot.

Over in the Senate, a committee got a shock when a member produced a 17-page amendment to an unemployment bill.

The point of it was to set up new rules of how to deal with a COVID-19 event in Tennessee.

It would keep anyone for asking for Covid vaccine cards and change who makes the call about masks in school.

The bill would give each principal the power to decide instead of their school board.

The amendment also laid down specific numbers for declaring a Covid health emergency.

Another bill backed by a local lawmaker is all about politics.

It would change how we elect school board members.

Instead of running without a party label, candidates would run as Republicans or Democrats.

Sen. Mike Bell (Cleveland) said on Thursday “It takes a brief look at the news over the last several months to see the controversy that has been coming from school board meetings.”

“I don’t care if it’s the teaching of CRT or mandating of masks or vaccines. I think it’s important to the citizens of the state know that being a member of one party or another gives them an idea of the philosophy of that person running for that office. Our voters back home have no clue what that political philosophy is.”

The details they are working on now involve just how binding the partisan elections would be… do you HAVE to run as a party member?

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