Suspect found guilty of attempted rape in Dalton

He didn't actually touch the victims, but could still face up to 60 years in prison

DALTON, Georgia (WDEF) – A jury found a Dalton man guilty today of attempted rape.

The case stemmed from a break-in at a home last summer.

21 year old Carlos Adrian Garcia broke into the home of an 18 year old girl when her mother was away.

Another 18 year old female was spending the night.

Prosecutors say Garcia knew that one young woman lived there, but aren’t sure if he knew the other one was there.

The teens called police as soon as they heard someone was trying to break in.

Officers found Garcia hiding in the laundry.

He had not actually gotten to the teens, and neither were hurt.

But police say they found an opened container for a condom and he had another in his pocket.

He also had stolen some underwear from the laundry of the teen.

Garcia admitted he was drunk and acted “dumb”, but did not admit to any other criminal activity after breaking in.

Still, he was convicted of two counts of attempted rape and one of burglary.

He’ll be sentenced next week.

He could get up to 30 years on each attempted rape charge.

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