Sweden Native Lucas Lavin Enjoying Amazing Football Journey With the Mocs

Chattanooga-(WDEF-TV) What does the Mocs football team have that likely no one else in college football has? A player from Sweden. It’s offensive lineman Lucas Lavin. I mean, who knew they played football in Sweden. But Lavin certainly looks the part at 6’5, 327-pounds.

So what’s football like in Sweden? Apparently they’ll play on any surface.
Said Lavin:”I practiced on. It’s called asphalt. Asphalt. I’ve practiced on turf. Gravel. Everything.”
But Lavin loved football so much.
He left home for America…to walk on at City College of San Francisco.
Said Lavin:”It was hard at first. I’m not going to lie. Moving halfway across the world. Being far away from Mom. You know it was rough.”
Lavin then went to Northern Colorado where he got a degree, and then Mocs found the Big Swede in the portal.
Said head coach Rusty Wright:”At that time we were just trying to find an offensive lineman. I didn’t care where he was from. He could have been from Mars. We were getting ready to take him. That’s the thing. We needed some help. We needed an older guy that had played a little football.”
And Lavin was happy to help Chattanooga.
Said Lavin:”People actually want to win. Actually want to work for championships. It’s just a different feeling here compare to some other programs, so that’s why I chose Chattanooga. Amazing place.”
Chattanooga and football has been an amazing adventure for Lavin.
Said Lavin:”Went to the pool one day. I didn’t put on enough sunscreen, so I burned. Pretty bad.”
Said quarterback Preston Hutchinson:”Just for example. We’re eating doughnuts. You got doughnuts in Sweden? Like he gets so mad. He’s like where do you think I’m from? You know what I mean. I’m not from a third world country.”
Said Lavin:”The barbec

ue is really good in the South. Got to stay away from that a little bit, so I don’t get too big.”
Wright:”Just the faith he has in humanity to do what he did. Fly from Sweden all the way to San Francisco. Doesn’t know a soul. Just goes out there and starts living life. Try to chase a dream. That’s a pretty cool story to me.”

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