Tax-Free Sales of Gun Safes and Gun Safety Equipment Begins This Month

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – July 30th through August 1st is the annual tax-free weekend on school supplies in Tennessee.

But for the first time ever, there will be no tax on gun safes and gun safety equipment.
Governor Bill Lee signed the law into effect that begins in July and lasts an entire year.

“It promotes gun safety, especially with kids in the house. You get the guns away from them, laying around. And without the tax, people are more likely to buy safes, buy gun locks, to take away that accidental shooting,” says Drew Manning who is the manager at Carter’s Shooting Supply.

Controversy and political infighting has surrounded gun issues for years but this bill finds local bipartisan support.

“We all say we want our children to be safe, we want our community to bE safe. And this ia meaningful part of doing that. Somethings are not left or right or anything of that nature but what is good for the family. And I believe this is good for the family,” says Yusuf Hakeem, Tennessee State Representative (D) of District 28.

The discount will take nearly ten percent off full retail items at the register.
The tax free bill was signed into effect the same time Governor Lee signed the new permitless carry bill.

Also for the first time ever, there will be no tax on food from grocery stores and take out from July 30th until August 5th.

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