Teacher arrested for gun found at Dade County High

Attorney calls is a gross overreaction and explains it was a mistake on her part


Attorney McKracken Poston offers the teacher’s explanation of the gun incident at Dade County High.

He is representing Dr. Catherine Turner.

He says she brought it by mistake.

She says she brought it from her mother’s home in some cardboard boxes, thinking they were art supplies.

Her mother was clearing out the garage after moving out the month before.

Poston says she was, in fact, the one that alerted the SRO about the gun in her class.

“Anyone in the Catoosa School System over the past half century knows and reveres this family, and Dr. Turner is one of the best people I have even know” said Poston in a release.

“This matter should have ended the moment the teacher realized that her late father’s handgun had been tossed in the box by family members cleaning out her mother’s house.”

“This is a gross overreaction and I hope it is immediately corrected.”


TRENTON, Georgia (WDEF) – Dade County investigators have charged a suspect in the case of a gun found at the high school on Tuesday.

Catherine Turner from Ringgold was arrested at the school Wednesday morning without incident.

She is a science teacher at the school.

But they say there is no evidence that there was ever a threat to the public.

A teacher found the gun on Tuesday morning and called the SRO.

The officer found it in a classroom, unloaded.

But it did have 10 round of ammo in the gun case.

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