Tech Company Announces $24 Million Investment on East 8th Street

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) — Tech Company IFIXIT has chosen the the site of the old Dixie Produce Warehouse on Eighth Street as the new home for its East Coast Distribution Site.

The decision is a 24 million dollar investment, and will create two hundred and one new jobs.

“Not only is IFIXIT creating 201 new jobs, but the company is also offering wages well above the county median, which is something we always want to celebrate. That’s really good,” said Stuart McWhorter, Commissioner of Economic Development for the State of Tennessee.

IFIXIT provides free online information about how to fix phones, computers, and other tech.

Instead of buying a new device or paying a retailer, an IFIXIT user is given the resources to repair the gadget themselves.

“The way that IFIXIT works is, you Google ‘how do I fix my IPhone’ or ‘how do I fix my toothbrush;’ IFIXIT comes up with useful information. It’s free. There’s no ads. And probably ninety-eight percent of the people who use IFIXIT never pay us a dime,” said IFIXIT CEO Kyle Weins.

The new IFIXIT facility is going to be distributing tool kits. News 12 obtained one that contains everything you need to open an repair a phone, tablet, or laptop.

“If we take something to the landfill, we create one job. If we recycle, we create fifteen jobs. If we do what IFIXIT does, and we make these repairs or whatever, you create two hundred jobs.”said Hamilton County Mayor Jim Coppinger.

IFIXIT CEO Kyle Weins says choosing to repair a device instead of discarding it is more a environmentally sustainable approach to personal technology.

According to Weins, the company chose Chattanooga after seeing the environmental rehabilitation efforts happening in the city.

“They had a lot of choices, folks — a lot of really, really, really competition around the country, and we landed the proverbial fish, the big fish,” said Chattanooga Mayor Tim Kelly.

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