Tennessee Highway Patrol and Local Police “Saturate” Roadways to Prevent News Years Eve Drunk Driving

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – Drunk driving crashes often involve high rates of speed making the scene of an incident particularly difficult for first responders.
“It’s a pretty hard thing to deal with, especially hard on some of our younger firefighters in this business. It’s hard to walk up and see an incident of that nature,” says Captain Nick Wilson with the Highway 58 Volunteer Fire Department.
It’s New Years Eve and to prevent the potentially deadly crime while millions of people will be out celebrating, the Tennessee Highway Patrol has announced there will be officers stationed throughout all 95 Tennessee counties tonight, conducting sobriety, seat belt and driver’s license checks.
In fact, officers from all local departments will be out in full force. “We all know people like to go out and some people don’t do it responsibly and so our officers will be our new years eve making sure that those who go out and celebrate safely aren’t endangered by those who choose to have too much and drive home,” says Jennifer Samples with the Cleveland Police Department.
The Cleveland Police Department received a grant from the National Highway Traffic safety administration to combat impaired driving. “Using those funds, we do special things like DUI saturation check points, distracted driving saturations just some really focused enforcement efforts.” A local bar owner says the Chattanooga beer board is also out tonight, working alongside the Chattanooga Police Department to enforce alcohol regulations inside drinking establishments.

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