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STEM is an all-encompassing term that describes fields covering science, technology, engineering and math.

And do you also want to be on TV?

Then you can appear on Tennessee STEM Explorers, a brand-new show that will air on News 12 this fall.

Middle-school aged students are needed to be hosts on this show as they explore STEM topics all across the state.

If you know someone who fits these criteria and wants to audition, simply stop by WDEF-TV News 12 Studios at 3300 Broad Street, Saturday, June 25th. Auditions will be held from 10am to Noon.

Using the script below or the script downloadable at this link , you can also send a short audition video to:

In your email, be sure to include your name, phone number, address, age, school, and parent’s email address.

Audition Script:
Welcome to Tennessee STEM Explorers!
Hi, I’m _____________________, and on today’s show, we’ll explore physics using a fire extinguisher and roller skates. How cool is that? Then, we’ll talk to a real astronomer about the world’s biggest telescope!
All this and more today on Tennessee STEM Explorers!

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