THe Bethlehem Center holds 2nd annual Juneteenth Jubilee

Bethlehem Center in Chattanooga held the 2nd annual Southside Juneteenth Jubilee this weekend. This event is meant to bring communities together to celebrate freedom and support economic growth within the African American community.

Penny’s Lemonade was one vendor in attendance. Brandy Madden‘s family owns the local lemonade business. She said it’s a great event to showcase that Chattanooga is still a loving community and a great place to live. 

“I think it’s just gonna be a lot of love. A lot of other small business coming together and just celebrating this magnificent holiday that we have, which is Juneteenth. But, also, just giving back and showing that Chattanooga is still a great place to stay,”Madden said.

Bri Stevens was working as a vendor at Three Bridges Apparel. She said she enjoys the togetherness and embracing of her culture.

“In Tennessee especially, sometimes you go out and you don’t hear your own music you don’t hear things that feel familiar to you. So, hearing music that feels familiar to home, familiar to your heart, smelling food like fried fish and barbeque, ya know it does something different, when it’s celebrating culture. It’s the things that we were kinda lie taught to not like about ourselves and it’s a way to celebrate it and put it on the forefront.” Stevens said

Members of the Alton Park community, Southside and all other Chattanooga communities were invited to attend. There were food trucks and over 40 vendors selling art, handmade jewelry, holistic skin products, and more onsite.

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