The McLemore Gets Some Personality With Addition of Charlie Rymer

Rising Fawn, GA-(WDEF-TV) The McLemore golf course is known for it’s beauty. Now it’s added a little personality. A golf personality that is.
Charlie Rymer has joined the staff at the McLemore.

The former PGA Tour Pro and national golf commentator was born in Cleveland, Tennessee. Rymer is glad to find a job so close to home.

When Charlie Rymer first visited the McLemore, he fell in love with the course and basically begged to work at the club.

Rymer:”They game me. I’m 53 years-old. I got my first grown-up job here at McLemore. I’m executive vice president. How bout that.”

Reporter:”How did that come about?”

Rymer:”My wife is really impressed with that. Yeah.”

She should be. Gotta love working at place with views like this.

Rymer:”Go and look at 18 whether you come here to visit. You walk down there to look at it or you’re playing the course for the first time. When you see it, it absolutely takes your breathe away. If you happen to be here on a day when we have an inversion, and the clouds are literally below 18 green, it just takes your breathe away. As of a couple of weeks ago, Golf Digest put us in the top 100 of public access golf courses, and you start doing the math on that. There’s roughly 16,000 golf courses in the U.S. This is an emotional place. When you’re coming here, you can’t wait to get here. And when you’re here, you get sad when you’re thinking about I’m going to have to leave and go somewhere else.”

Besides his new gig at McLemore, Rymer has his own national TV show.

Rymer:”You’re dieing to know the name of my show. It’s the best name in the history of shows for television shows. It’s the Charlie Rymer show folks. That’s Monday night on the CBS Sports Network at 8pm.”

And it’s hard to talk pro golf without discussing the power game led by Bryson DeChambeau, who could probably hit it over Lookout Mountain.

Rymer:”A lot of people say it’s a bad thing. I’m not so sure. Folks like watching offense in sports in particular big league sports.”

Rymer was a big hitter in his days on Tour, and maybe his workout routine was the secret.

Rymer:”I’d always get a hotel room that had a big bath tub in it. I’d get in the bath tub, and I would fill the tub all the way up to the top. Just under my nose. I would take like three deep breathes. I would pull the plug on the tub and fight the current as the water slowly drained out.”

Reporter:”That’s a heck of a routine.”

Rymer:”Well it’s a little more demanding than one might think.”

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