The oldest public school now has the newest public sign

Alums and staff work to get new sign for Howard High

“We all came together, to make this electronic sign available here on the Howard School property! Give it up everybody!”

Calvin Covin/Howard Alumni Assc.: the board that we had was outdated and we were coming into the 21st-century. We need it to come up to the standards of, something digital to be able to keep people informed on what is going on. The association agreed that we would start a grassroots effort and it kinda fizzled. And one of the old alumni from the class of 58 he asked me what went on.

George McCrary/Class of 1958: well having been from the class of 58, and having that experience, and being able to see it now… it inspired me to just keep things going.

“It took us a minute to get here. But as you can see out on the lawn it is the fruit of our labor. Willie Hardwick, the Jones and Spann family, those are my folks. Class of 76, class of 78, class of 80 and 1981.”

Calvin: the classes and everyone got on board. Different alumni and we spearheaded… the national alumni Association did.

“That’s the sign. A sign to do better. A sign to come to school and get your work right together. That’s a sign.”

Principal LeAndrea Ware: We all know Howard has a rich tradition, a long tradition of history of people coming together and working hard collectively. Having pride in our school and so this is a message to all students that are here now. They even stepped up to say how can we help.


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