The Phantom – a safety containment unit to put a stop to school shooting

Ooltewah and Nashville family team up to build invention

HAMILTON COUNTY, Tenn (WDEF) – Gun violence continues to rise throughout the country so in response, an Ooltewah and Nashville family are teaming up to resolve school and business shootings with a brand new invention they call The Phantom. 

According to the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office, there have already been 4 student arrests for bringing a gun onto school property– just since the beginning of this school year. 

But the Phantom is a unique, patented, transparent, fully automated, bullet-resistant safety containment unit that aims at keeping schools safe from these kinds of threats. 

The idea for this invention stemmed from a local mental health therapist who said after the Sandy Hook shooting- things needed to change. 

“What we noticed as we were researching is that shooters would come in after school had started or already knew what their target was. The phantom is designed to pick up threats not just firearms but knives or any other threat that can be programmed or designed with metal,” says Marcus Perez, The Phantom Project Movement Coordinator.

Three middle Tennessee technical and electrical engineers saw a need for a proactive way to address and reduce firearms in school and financial environments.

If a person enters the phantom with a weapon the phantom will detect the threat and shut the person in – containing the weapon until a school official has arrived.

“It can happen anywhere and anytime. This is a proactive response to make sure no one gets hurt. This is not a double ounce of security. This is a full security type of solution to make sure those gun-free zone areas are gun-free,” says Miranda Perez, Phantom Movement Coordinator. 

The focus of the Phantom is on taking a proactive approach to gun violence in our country instead of being reactive. 

“3 minutes, 2 minutes or 1 minute – that could be the difference in many many lives and having the ability to detect the threat and then neutralize the threat. It allows for the response time to not be so important. So police or SROs are going to respond but they have the luxury of knowing that somebody is self-contained and that they aren’t going to possibly take lives,” says Marcus Perez. 

After three years of research and development went into this endeavor, all testing and patents and trademarks secured, The Phantom is the finished product.

The families hope The Phantom will soon be installed into schools and businesses.

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