The World Of Podcasting

Local Podcaster "Fills Us In!"

There are a LOT of people “podcasting” these days. Recent numbers show there are over two million podcasts out there. But who does it? And can the average guy or gal make a living off it?

In a building just off Lee Highway, down the hall, it’s a small studio, where 53 year old Clint Powell is applying his talent. It’s his latest podcast, called “During The Break.” Former Chief of Police David Roddy is the guest. Powell has been podcasting for a little over three years. He’s a radio man at heart. But he loves this form of communication. It’s an industry that has really taken off the past five years.

“I love radio because it has its own strengths. But you only have 11-13 minutes. With a podcast, I can get the whole story. I don’t have the restraints of time. So how long should a podcast be? In my world, a podcast she be as long as it takes to tell the story.”

Many guys and gals start podcasting, whether it be in a studio in a building like the one Clint uses. Or for that matter, in ones basement. Or on the porch. Many start. But a relatively small number actually continue podcasting.

Recent studies show that Powell is contributing to some 2 million podcasts out there. However, 25 percent are “one and done” podcasters. 44 percent have done three or fewer. Only 36 percent have done more than 10 podcasts. So, relatively speaking, the number two million is very deceiving.

For Powell, this is a way to make some extra cash. Some make a living off podcasting. Especially those backed by the big companies and big sponsors. But for the little guy, it can be done. But you might want to have a plan!

Clint said, “If you’re a sales coach or if you sell a widget….and if I have a podcast……then I can direct you to my website. Now, all of a sudden, I’m making a living. But it’s indirect.”

Powell says if you’re thinking about podcasting, take his advice: start low, go slow and build it. And get good guests!!! Surveys show that half of all podcast listeners are between the ages of 12 and 34. With comedy being one of the most popular podcasts.

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