Tips for beating Thanksgiving Food Price Inflation

Walmart & Aldi rolling back prices to years past

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – Inflation is hitting Thanksgiving meals hard this year.

One research firm says your holiday meal will cost about 13.5% more this year.

Another study finds that it may actually be cheaper to eat out this year.

But two grocery chains have announced plans to capitalize on the bad publicity.

Walmart on Thursday announced they will roll back prices on holiday staples like turkey, ham, potatoes and stuffing to last year’s prices.

The promotion will last through Christmas.

And Aldi grocery stores will lower prices on their Thanksgiving basket items to 2019 levels.

We asked the CEO of the Food Industry Association for more tips as you make out your shopping list.

“First of all is planning ahead. I don’t think there’s anything we can do that really is more important than planning ahead. Because if we know before we go, what it is we’re looking for and what we need for the holidays we are more likely to stick to that, particularly if we have a written list of what we’re looking for. It helps us waste less at the end of the process. It helps us stick to our budgets.”

Leslie Sarasin also advises shoppers to use their stores loyalty reward programs for even more savings.

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