Tips on Protecting Pets in the Hot Summer

As temperatures crank up the next few days, it’s important to keep your pets cool and safe.

McKamey Animal Center recommends inside activities that provide mental stimulation in this hot weather.

They say if you’re planning a walk with your dog, hold your hand to the pavement for 5 seconds.

If it’s too hot for you, it’s too hot for your pet.

McKamey also wants to remind owners to never leave a pet in a hot car.

Even with cracked windows and water available, temperatures rapidly can heat up inside.

Lauren Mann with McKamey says, “Excessive drooling, red tongue and gums, rapid panting or rapid heartbeat, if they seem weak or they actually collapsed, if their eyes are glazed over, or vomiting or having a seizure in an extreme situation, those can all be dangerous signs of heat stroke.”

McKamey Animal Center says to call your vet immediately if you see these symptoms.

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