Titans Finish Up Rookie Camp

When you fail to make the playoffs like the Titans did last season, you likely need some help from your rookies for next year. Tennessee got their first look at their new players over the weekend with their rookie camp, which included former Kentucky quarterback Will Levis.

Reporter:”They don’t sound like rookies, so they came in prepared.”
Said head coach Mike Vrabel:”We spend a lot of time in media development.” (laughter)
Riggght. Players may beg to differ on that one.
No need to develop excitement when you’re goingi through your first NFL practice.
Said Levis:”Fun. First timei playing ball in a long time. It’s a game we all love. Obviously come out here and just play and learn. It has just been a lot of fun.”
Coach Vrabel is more than happy to introduce the rooks to life in the NFL.
Said Vrabel:”They understand how we want to do things and how we want to function from a conditioning level.”
Offensive lineman Peter Skoronski was the Titans first round pick, but he doesn’t view himself as a first rounder on the field.
Said Skoronski:”As Coach Vrabel said everyone is sort of equal once we get here. I don’t think draft position really means something once we step on that field. We’ve got to earn it. I can’t say I’m a leader without doing what I need to do on and off the field. So I think that’s just my biggest priority right now is just earning the respect of my teammates on the field and off the field.”
Quarterback Will Levis is looking to prove he’s an NFL ready quarterback, despite the naysayers.
Said Levis:”You can’t not see the stuff that people say, but you’ve got to take it for what it is. Meaningless. You focus on what matters. You focus on what you can control, and you kind of say screw it to everything else.”
Said Vrabel:”For a quarterback. A young quarterback. It’s going to be the defensive looks. It’s going to be the disguises. It’s going to be the different roam coverages.”
Reporter:”Are you going into this with the mind-set you are going to be the starter? How do you approach this?”
Said Levis:”Just get better everyday. Get in and learn. I didn’t even touch the tip of the iceberg of what’s needed to know here again as a quarterback.”

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