Tivoli Foundation Searching for Answers Following Vandalism

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) – The Tivoli Theatre suffered an attack from suspected vandals late last weekend.

Chattanooga police are still searching for the suspects they believe vandalized the Tivoli Center Building on the night of Saturday, January 14th.

This is the building that is adjacent to the Tivoli Theatre and historically was known as the Fowlers Building.

The CEO of the Tivoli Foundation, Nick Wilkinson, tells what he believes happened the weekend before the last.

Wilkinson said, “From best we can tell, they took some sort of debris either a brick or something off of the road, well I know it was a brick because it was in the window. It was actually on the floor in the building after I went in to check out the damage. And they threw through the windows of the building, and it appears they did it from the parking garage across the street, sometime late that evening.”

The amount of damages are significant, costing the Tivoli thousands of dollars.

Wilkinson says, “This is an old, historic property, and the window damage itself is very significant, and the repair work that we had to spend our money and time on to make sure it was shored up, to make sure there was no further damage to the building or the street below.”

Wilkinson says that the planned renovations for the Tivoli Center Building into the Tivoli Performing Arts Center are still on track despite the distraction of this vandalism.

He has a message for those who committed this act. 

Wilkinson says, “This is a beautiful, old building. Chattanooga has so many beautiful old buildings. We need to try to preserve them and not tear them down.”

If you have any information that can help solve this case, contact Chattanooga Police.

You can remain anonymous.


A group of individuals Chattanooga Police say vandalized the Tivoli Theatre. (Courtesy: Chattanooga Police)

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