Troopers find major drug haul inside SUV engine block

vehicle was being hauled on I 40

JACKSON, Tennessee (WDEF) – Tennessee state troopers say they confiscated 44 pounds of cocaine and fentanyl in one traffic stop on Monday.

But they had to work for it.

A trooper pulled over a flatbed truck pulling a trailer on I-40 near Jackson in west Tennessee.

The driver told him that he and a partner had been hired to drive the trailer from California to North Carolina and leave it in a hotel parking lot.

Troopers found an old Volvo SUV and some wrapped up furniture in the trailer.

But a K9 indicated on the SUV.

So they took it to a shop and began tearing into it.

The THP says they found that the transmission was hollowed out and 10-kilo packages put inside.

Then they took out the oil pan and found 9 more kilo packages in a hollowed out engine.

The DEA has been called in to take over the drug investigation.

And the two drivers face a variety of trucking violations, for now.


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