TVA asks for power conservation, ends rolling blackouts

Some areas in their 7 state coverage zone experienced the blackouts earlier this morning

KNOXVILLE, Tennessee (WDEF) – TVA reports their power situation has improved after creating rolling blackouts earlier in the day across their 7 state coverage area (mainly in Nashville and Kentucky).

Local power companies were notified earlier today that TVA would be forced to use rolling blackouts to handle the power demand from the deep freeze.

That meant 15 minute power outages for some areas.

But TVA says the system has now stabilized and the black outs have been discontinued.

TVA is still asking us to conserve power so we can keep the heat on.

They are asking power companies to reduce the load by 5%.

EPB reports they should be able to handle that by working with large customers instead of punishing individual customers.

Still they are asking us all to limit using appliances, delay washings until Saturday afternoon if possible.

And keep windows covered when the sun isn’t on them.

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