TVA celebrates 90th anniversary with day of service

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) — TVA celebrated its 90th Anniversary by serving the community.

They want to give back to the community of Chattanooga.

More than 2,000 employees volunteered across several counties.

125 retirees also joined in to lend a helping hand for Girls Inc.

Sue Collins said, “Girls Inc. is all about a Chattanooga community, in creating an opportunity for girls to realize their full potential and understand how strong, smart and bold they are.”

Girls Inc. helps young women achieve in the classroom and beyond.

“We’re painting, we’re preparing classrooms, we’re cleaning and giving the folk an opportunity to be able to focus on their program and allow us to bring in some of the muscle to help prepare their classrooms in the right environment,” Sue said.

President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed the TVA Act on May 18th, 1933.

Harnessing the Tennessee River and bringing Hydro Electric Power.

TVA helped pull America out of the Great Depression.

The Utility has never stopped giving back.

“Back in 1933 it was about raising the quality of life for the communities in which we were and so over the 90 years we’ve continued that,” Sue said. “It’s a key value for us it’s one of our four values is services and we like our employees to be able to demonstrate that every single day as part of a TVA employee and what they do. ”

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