Twin Brothers Austin and Jack Gentle of McCallie Ready to Tackle the Academics at Harvard

Chattanooga-(WDEF-TV) Twin brothers Austin and Jack Gentle helped paved the way for McCallie’s high scoring offense last year, and the two offensive linemen also scored big in the class room. Now the Gentle giants get to test their academic and gridiron skills at one of the premiere colleges in the country. Harvard.

We see brothers compete all the time in athletics, but for Austin and Jack Gentle, their competition may heat up even more in the class room.
Said Austin:”I think I have him edged out on GPA just a little bit. Maybe. I think I have a 3.99. His maybe a 3.97.”
Added Jack:”I had a 3.97, but I had two more AP’s, and I got ten points higher on the SAT.”
Not surprisingly the Gentle brothers were named first team Academic All-Americans this month by the National High School Coaches Association. Austin and Jack celebrated their second straight state title at McCallie in December, and then they parlayed their athletic and academic skills into Ivy League scholarships to Harvard.
Reporter:”What’s the reaction you get from people when they find out you’re going to Harvard?”
Said Austin:”Normally. Some don’t believe me. They just want to do a double-take real quick.”
Said Jack:”Definitely a little bit of a surprise.”
It’s also surprising that Harvard doesn’t refer to a student’s specialized studies as a major.
Said Austin:”I’m still thinking about the repercussions of each concentration instead of major.”
Said Jack:”They call them concentrations there.”
Said Austin:”Yeah.”
And believe it or not, there’s a pretty good concentration of student athletes at Harvard.
Said Austin:”I think 20 percent of their student body are student athletes.”
Said Jack:”Our head coach was bragging saying that Harvard has the most jocks of any campus in the world.”
Harvard is the oldest university in America, so it’s hard to ignore the history.
Said Austin:”There’s some really old parts of the city that our guide said that it was like a Revolutionary War base. That was. That’s pretty cool.”
Harvard didn’t play football last year due to COVID, and that means the Gentle’s will find plenty of competition this fall.
Said Austin:”There are 130 guys on the team right now because everybody gets another year of eligibility.”
But Austin and Jack are ready for the challenge on and off the field.
Austin:”When you’re picking a school, I can’t really think of a better academic school.”

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