Tyner’s Scott Chandler Enjoying Life as a High School Coach

Chattanooga-(WDEF-TV) Tyner coach Scott Chandler has the Rams in the 2A state title game tomorrow.
Chandler is a long time coach, who has relished his opportunities in high school football.

Scott Chandler knows winning is the name of the game for coaches, but impacting young lives is pretty cool as well.
Said Chandler:”When I was in high school, I had two coaches who really had a big impact on me. Ken Henry and Chip Liner. I think their influence made me want to get into coaching. I thought maybe I could be an influence on people like they were on me.”
Talk about a coach with influence, Chandler was a grad assistant at Kansas State under the legendary Bill Snyder.
Said Chandler:”Coach Snyder. If he was president of the United States, we wouldn’t be in the situation we’re in right now. He was a magnificent CEO. Paid attention to every little detail there was.”
When Chandler was hired at Tyner, his influence started right away in trying to spruce up the Rams facilities.
Said Chandler:”Man we worked forever on that thing. When they came back from the dead period, it was done pretty much. It was cool watching them come in and just see the change that had taken place. We wanted to do something for you because you are doing something for us.”
Wasn’t long before Tyner players might have heard a ‘shooo doggy’

with Chandler’s down home personality.
Said Chandler:”These guys here at Tyner give me a hard time about being country in some of my sayings.”
Said quarterback Josh Jackson:”Coach Chandler has got some very country slang. Sometimes he says ‘deddy’. He say ‘deddy’ like in a country way. Like his ‘deddy’ won’t let him come to practice.”
A lot of ‘deddies’ will be cheering on the Rams and Chandler Saturday as they play for the state title.
Said Chandler:”I was talking to them a couple of weeks ago when we first started this run. Told them I’ve been coaching a long time, and this will be my first chance. So make sure you guys don’t take this for granted because it may be your only chance.”

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