Tyner’s Stingy Defense Comes With Big Price Tag For Head Coach

Chattanooga-(WDEF-TV) Tyner’s defense has been flat out nasty this season.
They’re giving up on average just one touchdown a game.
No wonder the Rams have advanced to the state playoff semi-finals on Friday.

Tyner’s tenacious ‘D’ has been a pleasant surprise for head coach Scott Chandler.
Said Chandler:”Well I thought we could be better than we were last year, but I don’t know if I knew we were going to be this good or not. I think the D-line has really stepped up considerably since last year.”
Said linebacker Trae Ruffin:”We’ve got a lot of good players. We’ve got a good line. So coming into the season we knew how good our defense was going to be. It was just about us staying focused and getting our mental stuff together.”
Said Chandler:”We do have some fast guys on defense, and that’s what we kind of build the defense around. Guys that can run. So yeah we’re able to run some guys down. I think that eliminates a lot of the big plays also.”
Rams have certainly lowered the boom on opponents.
Has does six shut-outs in 13 games grab ya?
Said Chandler:”Yeah that’s pretty good isn’t it. (chuckles) That’s impressive. It has cost me a bunch of money in wings.  I know that because we get wings every time we shut somebody out.”
Said Ruffin:”You know the big guys always want their wings man.”
Said Chandler:”I get a hard time of when I want to put the JV in. They’re worried about losing those wings. JV goes in, and they threaten the JV guys

with their life.”
Hey. Hey. Hey. We want more wings.
Said defensive lineman Jonah Chapman:”Yeah. We need. We need two more. We need two more wing parties.”
With the way Tyner’s defense is going, those wing parties may lead to a ring party with a state title.
Said Chandler:”I had a coach tell me if they don’t score, they can’t win. You do have to be able to stop people at some point to break serve so to speak so you can get ahead.”

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