Tyner’s Trae Ruffin Glad to be Playing Football Again After Suffering a Major Seizure Episode

Chattanooga-(WDEF-TV) Tyner senior Trae Ruffin is one of the Rams top play-makers this season. It’s pretty amazing considering Ruffin couldn’t walk a year ago after suffering multiple seizures. News 12’s Brian Armstrong has Ruffin’s comeback story.

Said Ruffin:”A lot of them didn’t think I was gonna come back.”

When you get a second chance you need to make the most if it, Tyner football players Trae Ruffin’s philosophy at least.

Said Ruffin:”I feel like I got another chance so I’m not gonna take it for granted I’m gonna go out there and give it everything I got. Every practice, every game, I just give 110% because I know the same guys will do it for me.”

Back in December on 2021 , Ruffin suffered 15 seizures after sustaining a head injury in a basketball game.

Said Ruffin:”It changed a lot for me. It mostly change my perspective on life I feel like I got another chance. I feel like God’s got something planned for me and I feel like football is a plan. Be back out here and get another chance it means everything to me.”

Said Tyner coach Scott Chandler:”I think it scared him a little bit. I think he thought his playing career was over.”

Ruffin was told told he would have to relearn how to walk and would never get to play football again.

Fast forward several months and he’s back out on the field for his senior year. Something that he was excited and worried about.

Said Ruffin:”I’m not gonna lie I was getting nervous. They told me to go a little slow I did with my hair and stuff. So I got to ease back into it I had a lot of practice over summer camp seven sevens and stuff. That helped me a lot and help me prepare for it so when I came back I was gonna take it slow I know i was gonna be 100 percent.”

This second chance extends beyond the field he is also using it as a second chance in the classroom.

Said Chandler:”So the guy did a 180. He could be taking Mickey Mouse classes right now. It’s his senior year, but he came in and took seven core classes to try to get his GPA up.”

Ruffin says he knows he was given a second chance with so many aspects of his life and he wants to appreciate every aspect of life.

Said Ruffin:”I was kinda cocky a little bit before it happened but now I’m seeing a new perspective on life. Everything doesn’t have to be talk back and attitude. Respect for people who respect you.”

Said Chandler:”A lot of his attitude and a lot of his changes a bit a result of not being able to play. There was. There were he was pretty down in the dumps just walking around wondering what was going to happen so it’s like new life for them.”

Ruffin already have over 400 yards receiving, 45 tackles and 5 sacks. His incredible comeback story has even take another step as multiple schools have offered his scholarships to play football at the next level including Kentucky Christian University, Oklahoma Wildcats, and University of the Cumberlands.


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