Tyre Nichols case shows officers still fail to intervene

Associated Press

26 February 2000 – 29 January 2023

Memphis/Los Angeles/New York (AP) – As Memphis police officers attacked Tyre Nichols with their feet, fists and a baton, others held Nichols down or milled about, even as he cried out in pain before his body went limp.

Just like the attack on George Floyd, a simple intervention could have saved a life. Instead, Nichols is dead and five Memphis officers face murder charges.

Memphis and Minneapolis police departments are among many with “duty to intervene” policies. It’s also the law.

Three Minneapolis officers who didn’t try to stop the attack on Floyd were convicted of federal crimes.

Experts agree peer pressure, and in some cases fear of retribution, is on the minds of officers who fail to stop colleagues from doing bad things.

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1/31/2023 8:51:48 AM (GMT -5:00)

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