Tyson Greenwade Running Wild For Dalton

Dalton, GA-(WDEF-TV) Dalton High School football is no stranger to elite running backs. Seniors running back Tyson Greenwade has added his name to that list after rushing his way to 2000 yards and nearly 30 scores. News 12’s Brian Armstrong finds out what makes Greenwade so special.

Dalton running back Tyson Greenwade is a force in the backfield. He’s rushed for 2000 yards and 28 touchdowns. Those stats earned him being named the region 7 5-A player of the year.

“The offensive line has really done a great job of opening the hole and its given him the opportunity to choose where he wants to run and then after 3 or 4 yards, his atheltic ability takes over,” said Head coach Kit Carpenter.

“Its pretty normal, they do it every day at practice, so its easy to tell whats going on and wwhats gonna happen and watching film on the other team helps and seeing what they like to do a lot,” said Greenwade.

He says yards add up pretty quickly when you just take it a quarter at a time.

“You get 25 yards a quarter and pretty soon you at 100 yards do its a pretty good mentalilty to have adn its helps a lot when my wide recievers and lineman are blocking the way they are,” said Greenwade.

He also learned from Dalton alumni Jamir Gibbs who was a senior when Greenwade was a freshman.

” I was always on his butt about me being faster then him and me being stronger then him. I never really was, I knew that and he knew it but its translated to him being in college now, he saying I had saban calling me the other day, telling me you wasn’t all that,l so we go off each others energy,” said Greenwade.

When Gibbs was here he set the standard of what its going to take to be an elite back, Tyson saw that as a challenge and hes cdontionued to work at it everyweek and even in the off-season all the way up until now,” said Carpenter.
Greenwade thought it would be funny to call Gibbs slow after Gibbs was beat on a go route.

“I told him he was slow and he turned around and told me I was slow and I said man you couldn’t catch me if you wanted to, so I was in there getting dressed and he … came up to my locker and said who’s slow I dropped my helmet and ran out the locker room and he chased me up to the school. I didn’t call him slow anymore after that I learned my lesson,” said Greenwade.

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