Unity Group requests law enforcement policy changes

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) — After the Tyre Nichols tragedy, the Unity Group of Chattanooga has released a statement. They made several requests for updated law enforcement policies.

In the press release, they said, “We must not lose focus on the systemic changes we all should collectively demand in order to address these societal detriments.”

The Unity Group believes that the community should demand the following.

  • Ending the use of unmarked cars and plainclothes officers.
  • Ending the use of pretextual traffic stops.
  • Removing police from traffic enforcement entirely.
  • Passing the Data Transparency Ordinance.
  • Dissolving and ending the use of all “LEO” task forces.

They say these requests were first born in Memphis after Tyre Nichols’ death.

“We must vigorously oppose instances of police brutality and the excessive use of force in Tennessee and throughout the greater Chattanooga community.

They ask that people voice these policy changes to City Council, Mayor Kelly, Hamilton County government and the sheriff’s office.

Unity Group

from Unity Group of Chattanooga

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