Ward family violence verdict caps a lifetime of 60 arrests

DALTON, Georgia (WDEF) – A jury in Whitfield County found Gregory Lamar Ward guilty on Wednesday of family violence battery.

Sadly, the conviction isn’t that uncommon.

But the numbers for Ward are.

The 60 year old has now been convicted of his 7th felony.

Prosecutors say he has a long history of domestic violence.

In fact, he has been arrested a total of 60 times over the last 42 years.

The current case goes back to an incident last September.

Ward was living with a woman who was spotted trying to crawl away from their residence on Heritage Circle.

A witness said Ward came out to get her, but went back inside when he saw they were not alone.

The victim told police that he had hit her several times.

The case was prosecuted by the District Attorney’s Domestic Violence Unit in a special Domestic Violence Court.

Despite the victim changing her story and saying her injuries were accidental, the trial started on Tuesday and the jury had their verdict the next day.

In Georgia, the history of family violence and other past charges, ramp up the sentencing possibilities.

The first offense is a misdemeanor, but multiple offenses are felonies.

In Ward’s case, he was convicted of misdemeanor family violence battery in 2018 on a different victim.

Ward also has a history of two burglary, cocaine possession, habitual traffic violator, robbery and possession of a gun by a convicted felon. In fact, he had just been out of prison for about a year when the latest case happened.

Those convictions mean no parole at sentencing.

Ward faces a sentence of five years at his sentencing hearing next week.


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