What Can You Expect from Riverbend 2023?

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) — Friends of the Festival is calling Riverbend 2022 a resounding success.

The festival anticipated 15,000 attendees, and exceeded that goal on Saturday and Sunday.

According to festival organizers, it’s not yet clear how much money the festival generated, but enough money was made to warrant another festival in 2023.

“I don’t have all of the numbers in yet, but I can say that we will have a Riverbend 2023, fortieth anniversary, so I can say it in those terms that yes there will be a Riverbend 2023,” said Mickey McCamish, Executive Director of Friends of the Festival.

Now the organizers are looking to next year’s festival, which may draw a larger crowd.

“We’ll just have to see. Of course, the medical emergency, the health pandemic, forced us to look at smaller numbers. We’ll have to see how financially it works out, and what will be a good fit financially to the community,” said McCamish.

Festival Organizers are beginning the artist selection process for next year’s festival.

Depending on the length of that process and the time at which wristbands go on sale, tickets may be sold before the artist lineup is announced.

“Certainly I realize that people like to know what they’re paying for. It’s that simple. You buy a product; you want to know ‘what am I paying for.’ So, I’m a believer in that. So, I will advocate for that. We’ll see how the other team members feel,” McCamish said.

Actor Leslie Jordon was the Grand Marshall of Riverbend 2022.

McCamish said he’d like to see Jordan become a permanent fixture of the festival.

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