What’s Right With Our Schools: Barger Aquatic and Outdoor Classroom

CHATTANOOGA, TN (WDEF) – Folks at Barger Academy of Fine Arts are very proud of their new outdoor learning space.

Susan Dorsa teaches 5th grade Science.

She explains, ‘Well this has been a project that has been two, 2 1/2 years in the making. It is what started as a Science and Engineering standard project for Science where we had children redesign the existing pond. It was in pretty bad shape. So they had to re-design it, research pond and aquatic life. So, you know they came up with a plan for it. The following fifth grade class redesigned the outdoor space. We’re finally been able to pull it all together and you know taking proper Covid precautions. We are here today to celebrate the grand opening of our aquatic an outdoor classroom. It gives them an opportunity to study nature in nature. The plant life, the animal life, gardening you know how we can sustain ourselves. We have tie ends with the science standards of all grade levels. Every child has participated in this activity.”

Allison Bishop is the Parent Volunteer Coordinator at Barger.

She says, “A lot of our kids do live in apartment housing and so not everybody has a yard to play in. And this is just a great chance to get everybody outdoors. It is a safe way to explore the aquatic life and ego habitat and everything.”

Susan adds, “We have the Belvoir association here today to teach the kids about the bluebirds and the different bird species in our community.”

John McGirk from the Belvoir Neighborhood Association says, “You never know what might spark one kid and Berz sometimes can do it. So, I would hope that one or two kids might walk away with this and maybe get interest enough and Berz to maybe get into science. Be at conservationists or make a career out of it. You never know.”


Susan concludes, “I’m so and so this is given them the experience of being outside in an area where they can actually learn and grow and develop their knowledge.”



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